Young Adults Ministry


Calling all Young Adults, 21- 39

We are opening our doors to Young Adults who are between 21 and 39 married and single and either reside in our parish or simply want to use this opportunity to connect, discuss, enrich themselves and spend some quality time with like minded individuals. No, this is not a prayer group although the issue of prayer, faith, morality and teaching of the Catholic Church will be touched upon many times. 
The meetings are not classes, where attendance is taken or sign-up is mandatory. Rather, it is a gathering of young people, friends if you will, very informal and laid back. Come as you are!  You don’t have to be Catholic in order to join.
Some of our possible activities will include: bowling, hiking, grilling with God, community service, retreats, sip and paint, Catholic Underground, wine tasting, theology on tap etc... ( we are open to suggestions.)
Time:2nd Saturday of the month, starting with the 5:30 PM mass
For more information please contact Stephanie Louis or James Boland!
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Theology on Tap:
Theology on Tap is a program that combines a convenient setting of a bar with rather serious topics of faith as well as other topics that people face in their lives. While listening and discussing several issues participants can enjoy their meals and drinks as well; it’s a bar after all. This program has been predominantly used in Young Adults ministry all over the country with great success.
Midnight Run Service Opportunity! 
Don't know what a Midnight Run is? Midnight Run is an opportunity to serve those without homes, those who often do work, but come "home" to a box because what they are making isn't enough to put a real roof over their heads. When the weather changes and begins to get colder we often "complain" about how cold it is - and then we go back to our warm homes. Imagine how cold, uncomfortable and dehumanizing it is sleeping on the ground or in a doorway. Imagine having to rely on someone else to give you a pair of socks. Well, this is what many of the homeless have to do each day. So, what is Midnight Run? ~ not a solution to homelessness, but rather a bond between those of us who have homes and those who don't. It is an opportunity to forge a relationship of understanding with those who have very little. Although Midnight Run isn't a solution to homelessness - through our commitment - solutions may evolve! If you'd like to volunteer to go out with other young adults to bring food, clothing and comfort to our homeless friends.  If you are unable to join us please consider donating things like socks and other basic necessities.  Prayer is also great.  Check out for more info.
Catholic Underground
It is a direct response to a call that began with Pope John Paul II, and is continued by Pope Benedict XVI. JPII said that because the Gospel lives in conversation with culture, we must be fearless in crossing the cultural threshold of the communication and information revolution now taking place. 
The first part of the evening is Eucharistic adoration and begins with Vespers (Evening Prayer). This is the universal prayer of the Church - prayed by the Catholics throughout the world in every time zone and in every language. After Vespers, there is a time of simple praise. This provides a window for each person to personally encounter Jesus Christ. The beauty of the darkened Church illumined by candles helps us enter the mystery of our Lord's presence in the Eucharist. The holy hour ends with solemn Benediction. 
The second part showcases Catholic artists. Here we experience the “new evangelization”. The Underground includes music, poetry, visual art, dancers, film, drama, etc. We end our evening as we began. With the prayer of the Church. Compline (Night Prayer) is simple and beautiful. It concludes with a hymn to Our Lady, Daughter Zion. Mother of the New Jerusalem. 
For a list of spiritual and motivational books for Young Adults we recommend the following site: